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Photo: Dave Creaney

...studied in “the dream of the ‘90s…”

Ethereal rock. Hints of shoegaze in the guitar work. Earworm rhythms. Austin, TX-based indie pop band March and Beauty will sound familiar to well-traveled listeners, though you’ll never be able to quite put your finger on why their sounds warm the center of your chest with nostalgia for unrequited loves and that time before innocence lost.


Husband and wife duo Tim and Terri Dittmar have created music in multiple bands which found a comfortable home and airplay on college radio during the previous 2 decades. But only after combining forces with  multi-instrumentalists Paul Stautinger  and Justin Bocanegra did March and Beauty root up through the soil to become something greater than the garden-variety indie rock super group. March and Beauty’s members are close friends, first and foremost. If their melodic indie pop sounds familiar, it’s likely because you’ve seen March and Beauty's various members creating the feels and sounds of some of Austin’s most beloved bands from the 1990s and 2000s: bo bud greene, Desafinado, Sweet Pea, annabella, Murdocks, and countless others. 

A band bio might be required, but March and Beauty’s music speaks for itself. File under closed eyes, rainy day-clouds-parting-into-sunshine indie pop for the cool kids and the masses…

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